What We Do


Our goal is to enhance the educational excellence of the school district and provide expanded opportunities for our students to learn and grow through our grant funding.

In the Spring of each year, the WWEF opens an on-line application for grant submissions. No forms will be admitted past the stated due date.

Next, the WWEF Board reviews submissions and confers with the Superintendent to review any pertinent information or funding conflicts.  This assures us that the WWEF will be providing support for projects that can not be funded by the School District and allows the School District to evaluate how these projects fit into the school district goals and plans. Occasionally, some grants not funded by WWEF, may be funded through district funds when available and appropriate.

The WWEF Board then votes on the submissions and the amount to be awarded. In some situations, full funding may not be provided, and grant writers may be asked to find additional funding sources. All grant applications are read and reviewed and the submitters are then notified of the outcome over the Summer.

Grant recipients are announced and awarded with “big” checks at the Winton Woods City Schools opening day ceremony in August. As a part of the grant requirements, grant winners are asked to submit a written report at the end of their project along with any pictures that are available. Although grants cover only the year for which they are written, by tracking the data about the project results, recipients may make a case for continued funding through district resources.