The Winton Woods Educational Foundation Board of Directors wants to give you updated information on the contributions this organization has made to our local school and community through funded events and projects.

To date, the WWEF has been able to grant awards totaling nearly $100,000 and has had a positive impact on over 7,090 of our students. The projects have helped a variety of groups and have had positive community impact. Examples include: an outdoor sculpture project; a recycling program; a traveling preschool science lab; a taekwondo club; peddling equipment for kinesthetic learners; and many more. And, through a grant received from Matinee Musical and administered by the WWEF, music students have benefited from private voice and instrumental instruction given during class time. Please check out our compilation of winners from 2009 to the present.

The Board hopes you will enjoy learning about the positive impact the WWEF has made since its inception in 2006. We further hope that you will extend your support for WWEF to help grow our ability to promote and enhance educational opportunities.  As of yet, we are unable to meet the requests for every proposal submitted. But, we are committed to supporting innovative programs, enrichment opportunities, and other projects our district would otherwise be unable financially to provide. We continue to explore creative funding. Our goal is to grow our endowment in order to have it be self-sustaining. With your help, we believe we can achieve our objective.

Please become a part of furthering our support for district students and staff.  As you look over our new website, please note the many ways you can help; through donations, honorariums, memorial tributes, Kroger Reward, Amazon Smile, and WWEF fundraising events.  Please contact us with questions or for further information on how you can help our students and staff enhance educational excellence at Winton Woods!

Former Winton Woods City Schools Speech Pathologist (and proud parent),

Ann W. Stankiewicz/ President- WWEF