The Winton Woods Educational Foundation was established in 2006 by a group of concerned public school supporters who were aware that State funding was not enough to encourage some activities that would support and enhance the academic success of the Winton Woods City School students. The WWEF encouraged donations from alumni, community members, and corporations to further their goal. It was in 2009 that the Foundation was able to grant awards submitted by teachers and staff. This giving has continued yearly with grant submissions being solicited in the Spring and awards announced at the beginning of the next school year.

The WWEF is an independent organization but works in cooperation with an advisory board that includes the superintendent of the Winton Woods City School District. It is separate from the District but for the benefit of the District. It’s board of directors operate under a code of regulations and the WWEF is incorporated under the bylaws of the State of Ohio. Under section 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue code, so all donations to the WWEF are tax deductible

Each year, the WWEF has an on-line open season for grant submissions beginning in February. Teachers and staff can access forms to submit their ideas until mid-March. The WWEF Board reviews submissions and confers with the Superintendent to review any pertinent information or funding conflicts. The WWEF Board then votes on the submissions and the amount to be awarded. Grants are awarded with “big” checks at the opening day ceremony. Past ideas for grants have included leadership training, curriculum enrichment, special programs, specialized equipment. (See the lists of annual awards on our site.) All board members are volunteers, so that all monies collected go back to the Winton Woods Schools.

Our organization continues to evolve. We have lost several Board Members through retirement but have been lucky enough to welcome new volunteers. We are currently below the allowable number of members and would be glad to provide information for anyone interested in joining us on the Board or as a volunteer for events.

The WWEF is committed to promoting and enhancing the educational excellence of the Winton Woods City School District students and programs. To date, we have been able to provide approximately $100,000 in grants awarded to teachers and staff who come to us with their ideas for cutting edge, outside of the box, projects that would not fall within the parameters of School District funding. We hope to encourage ideas that lead to real life experiences that promote growth in academics, social skills, art, and community engagement.

We do not grant scholarships. Our organization is focused on providing support for ideas that will impact a greater number of students. Other organizations have chosen to fund individual scholarships and we feel that, while this is a wonderful goal, our purpose is to have a more comprehensive effect. So far, we have gifted funding that has impacted over seven thousand students.

Support for the Foundation is support for the future of Winton Woods Schools. We need people of vision who share our desire to help our schools provide the excellent education our children need and deserve. The community should be invested in top quality educational opportunities for all of our students. If they excel, we all benefit.

Due to the Corona Virus-19, we have delayed acting upon the grants submitted in the Spring of 2020. Once we have guidance on how the Winton Woods City School will provide educational services next year, we will review the grants again considering any changes that may need to be instituted.